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Las Vegas Grand Canyon Helicopter

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There are many ways to get from LAS VEGAS TO GRAND CANYON to experience the breathtaking sights that await you at one of the natural wonders of the world. You can drive yourself in your car or one you rented, hop aboard a bus for one of the best LAS VEGAS GRAND CANYON TOURS in town, hop aboard a plane for an aerial LAS VEGAS GRAND CANYON VACATION or take a LAS VEGAS GRAND CANYON HELICOPTER tour, a thrilling way to see the canyon from a perspective you can’t get anywhere else. And you don’t have to pay through the nose for a helicopter flight over The Grand Canyon… when you book your tour through Tix4Tonight, you can experience the unforgettable adventure for less.

A Las Vegas Grand Canyon helicopter tour from Papilion Grand Canyon Helicopter will take you on a swooping and hovering tour through the valleys of the massive and breathtaking canyon. The flight from Las Vegas also provide you with amazing views of The Hoover and Lake Mead, along with famous and stunningly beautiful sites at The Grand Canyon like dormant volcanoes, Guano Point, Eagle Point, The Grand Walsh Cliffs, and The Black Mountains, among others.

The custom built Eco-Star helicopters are optimized for comfort and sightseeing, with large cabins, comfortable stadium seating and windows that provide 180 degree views. All tour group members are issued headset microphones to communicate with fellow passengers and the knowledgeable pilot during the duration of your exciting journey.

The helicopter tour package will give you an amazing, up close and personal encounter with the canyon with two great options, including the non-landing tour in which you stay in the chopper the whole time as you experience the amazing sights. The landing tour is a VIP experience in which you’ll be picked up from your hotel and driven to the helipad for a journey in which you can get out of the helicopter and explore the natural wonder that surrounds you on foot, with the added bonus of champagne and a light meal included in the package.

Experience the adventure of a lifetime for less when you book your Grand Canyon helicopter ride at one of the many Tix4Tonight locations on The Strip and in Downtown. Both tour packages are bundled with tickets to one of the hottest shows in Las Vegas, adding to your savings. The non-landing tour takes about 3 and a half hours, while the landing tour takes about four hours… which gives you plenty of time to see your show and enjoy a great meal from one of the many great LAS VEGAS RESTAURANTS after you get back to the city. Everyone should see The Grand Canyon with their own eyes at least once in their lifetime, and there is no way more thrilling to experience the awe inspiring work of natural beauty than to take a Las Vegas Grand Canyon Helicopter tour.

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