Kahunaville will transport you to an island paradise in the middle of Las Vegas, filled with tropical food and frozen drinks.



Party like you’re in a tropical paradise at Kahunaville in The Treasure Island Resort. This fun bar and restaurant features Polynesian foods and island drinks in a relaxed party atmosphere that will make you forget you’re in the middle of the desert.

Located next to the Mystere Theater, you’ll be on “Island Time” once you enter the restaurant. Enjoy tropical favorites like Pacific Rim stir fry, crab cake sandwiches, jerk chicken satays, and rock shrimp while you take in the restaurant’s wall-to-wall Tiki theming and bright color scheme.

Kahunaville is just as famous for their cocktails as they are for their food, where the expert flair bartenders turn preparing your frozen tropical concoctions into an entertaining show. Enjoy one of their famous, rum infused Big Kahunas, a massive drink that’s delicious until the last sip.

Forget all your troubles and enjoy a taste of tropical paradise at Treasure Island’s fun and relaxing Kahunaville.

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