Jest Serendipity Las Vegas

Jest Serendipity Las Vegas keeps it fresh with audience participation for a unique show every time.

Closed Show - Jest Serendipity Las Vegas

Jest Serendipity Las Vegas

This show has closed.

Even though it’s the longest running improv show in Vegas, Jest Serendipity remains as fresh as ever after years of entertaining audiences on The Strip… because every show is different.

The show is modeled on a sporting event, as the cast splits up into two teams who pit against each other in a series of fast and fun improv games. Even before the show starts, the hilarious comics emerge and act as vendors, but instead of hot dogs and lemonade, they’re selling paper clips and bad advice.

After that, the DJ (who is hilarious in his own right) introduces the team members (as if they were the roster of a sporting squad), who then engage in a series of competitive improv games. Everything the teams improvise is based on suggestions from the audience, and sometimes volunteers are even brought onstage to participate in the antics themselves, which means no two shows are the same. A referee keeps things moving, but the audience determins the winner of each round by the volume of their applause.

The unpredictable nature improvisation married to the energy of a competitive sporting event make Jest Serendipity one of the most fresh and exciting comedy shows in Vegas. No wonder they’ve last over half a decade to become the longest running improv show in town.

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