Its Tricky Kyle Marlett

Its Tricky Kyle Marlett stars the unique up and coming illusionist. Kyle Marlett Comedy Nerd's show at The Royal House invites audiences to experience magic's next superstar.

Its Tricky Kyle Marlett

Its Tricky Kyle Marlett

Kyle Marlett comedy nerd is not an insult… in fact, it’s a description that the talented illusionist came up with for himself. While people went to great lengths to avoid the nerd label in the past, these days its hip to be square and the big brained Marlett has focused all his energies into becoming one of the best young magicians in the business. He’s already impressed national audiences with an appearance on The Tonight Show, and now he’s found a home on the stage at The Royal House for his resident show, It’s Tricky Starring Kyle Marlett.

The talented and off beat yet charismatic performer brings a mixture of deadpan humor, unexpected surrealism, and mind blowing personal twists on classic illusions, both small and large scale. The Royal House theater is more intimate than some of the massive showrooms in Las Vegas, which invites audiences to get a good close look at each and every trick. which allows the star to defy his audiences to figure out how he pulls them off. Marlett may be young, but he commands the stage like a veteran with an impressive poise and confident stage presence.

Marlett is a young rising star who owns the nerd label so proudly that it’s made him one of the most confident and hippest acts in Las Vegas. Catch the horn rim glasses wearing rising stars It’s Tricky Show at The Royal House before he gets more famous so that you can boast to everyone you know that saw him before he becomes magic’s next iconic superstar.

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