Illusions Las Vegas

Illusions Las Vegas Starring Jan Rouven at the Tropicana leaves audiences on the edge of their seat as the master magician attempts to cheat death.

Closed Show - Illusions starring Jan Rouven

Illusions starring Jan Rouven

This show has closed.

“Magician of the Year” winner Jan Rouven brings his death defying act to Las Vegas after years of stunning international audiences. In addition to winning “Magician of the Year, ” an honor also bestowed upon David Copperfield and Siegfried and Roy, Rouven has also won the Audience Award Monte Carlo Magic Stars (which was presented to him by Princess Stephanie of Monaco), and “Entertainer of the Year” from the 37,000 member International Magician’s Society. Rouven’s illusions were so unique that he became the opening act for German pop star Michelle before his run at the Royal Palace Revue Theater in Alsace, France, where his show, The Man with Nine Lives, was wildly successful.

Now the international superstar has arrived in Las Vegas for a residency show at The Tropicana, The New Illusions Starring Jan Rouven. Even though the town is crowded with magic acts, Rouven’s show stands out from the pack due to the intense and dangerous edge he brings to every performance. Rouven incorporates his own, scary inventions into each show, defying death multiple times in each performance. The show includes colorfully named and nail-biting illusions like “The Drill of Death,” “The Hand Stab,” “The Underwater Escape,” and many more.

Rouven’s willingness to cheat death in every show enthralls and stuns audiences, as the masterful magician creates one of the scariest, edgiest, and most thrilling magic shows in Las Vegas.

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