I Dont Have a Clue

I Dont Have a Clue is a murder mystery at Bally’s where the audience interacts with a quirky cast of characters to solve a murder mystery.

Closed Show - I Dont Have a Clue

I Dont Have a Clue

This show has closed.

An elegant dinner party turns into a darkly entertaining night of entertainment in I Don’t Have a Clue at Bally’s, a hilarious, outrageous, and unpredictable, interactive murder mystery where you and the rest of the audience are invited to help crack the case.

The show starts as you and the audience are invited to a classy dinner party at an elegant mansion, where a diverse group of guests like the thrill seeking business woman Ms. Scarlatte, the political animal Mr. Greenback, the British gold-digger Ms. Peacockney, the flirty Milka Van White, the heady Professor Plummer, the militaristic Colonel Custard, and the elegant professional gentleman Butler Buttersworth gather. The elegant party is cut short when the mansion’s owner, Mr. Body, is found murdered.

You and the rest of the audience are then tasked with gathering clues to figure who murdered the host with which weapon and why. Interact with the cast of house-guests, but be sure to stay alert and trust no one because nobody is exactly what they seem, everyone has a hidden agenda or something to hide, and nobody you talk to is without motive.

A fun and interactive murder mystery featuring a great cast playing colorfully quirky characters, I Don’t Have a Clue invites audiences to help crack the case, catch the killer, and enjoy some witty banter all in time to be wrapped up before cocktail hour starts.

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