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Half Price Vegas Show Tickets

A How To Guide

Finding half price Vegas show tickets is pretty easy on The Strip. Whether you’re clowning around under the big top at Circus Circus, or frolicking freely at Mandalay Bay, a half price show ticket Vegas is only a short walk away. Just head for your nearest Tix4Tonight location – there are many on and just off-Strip – and they all sell Vegas show tickets half price.

Let Our Tixperts® Help You Choose A Show

What will you find at a Tix4Tonight half price ticket booth? Up to 50 percent off on Las Vegas shows, including broadway-style stage productions, variety shows, major concert headliners and much more.

Our inventory of discount tickets can be overwhelming as we sell tickets to over 100 different shows every day. Talk to one of our friendly and helpful Tixperts find the ideal show for your taste and budget among the thousands of tickets producers release to us each morning.

Our tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. That’s why we suggest you get in line early to take advantage of the best deals on the most sought after shows.

Returning Visitors are VIPS

Are you going to see more than one show while you’re in town? If you visit us on consecutive days, you get automatic access to our VIP Line. Skip past the general line and get first crack at the most popular tickets available on the day of your visit. We’re grateful to our many first time visitors who are converted into loyal customers, and this is our way of showing them our love.

Sharing the Savings

Know someone coming to Sin City for a celebration? Why not treat that someone to something special for an anniversary, a wedding, a 21st birthday, or just because he or she deserves it? We have Tix4Tonight gift cards available in denominations of $50 or $100. To order yours by phone, call us at 877-849-4868 (Open 9am-5pm PST daily) and press 4 for an agent.

The lucky person who receives this Tix4Tonight Gift Card will be able to spend it on a half price show ticket, dinner discounts or both! How?

Tix4Tonight locations sell Vegas show tickets as well as Vegas restaurant discounts. Your special someone will be able to pair up dinner and a show, and decide on the specific entertainment and food for his or herself. This takes the burden of decision-making from your generous shoulders – and ensures a great Vegas experience for your friend or loved one.

Want to learn more about Tix4Dinner options and how to pair them up with half price Vegas show tickets? Ask about Tix4Dinner or visit the site for details on our LAS VEGAS RESTAURANT COUPONS.


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