Greg London Impressions That Rock

Greg London Impressions That Rock showcases the Las Vegas impersonator as he inhabits Elvis, Michael Jackson, Neil Diamond and others in his amazing show at the Riviera.

Closed Show - Greg London Impressions That Rock

Greg London Impressions That Rock

This show has closed.

Las Vegas impersonator Greg London showcases his impressive talents with his headlining show Impressions That Rock at The Riviera. The singing impressionist inhabits an impressive list of some of the greatest icons in showbiz history for a show that will constantly surprise you.

In every show, the expert Las Vegas impersonator performs uncanny impressions of stars like Elvis Presley, Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, Ray Charles, Rod Stewart, Elton John, David Bowie, Ozzy Osborne and even Tina Turner, and he inhabits them so fully that you could close your eyes and imagine the genuine article is performing onstage. London even takes on a few fictional characters, like British super-spies James Bond and Austin Powers.

The headliner doesn’t just mimic the voice of the celebrity he’s riffing on… he makes full costume changes for each icon he inhabits, and the entire show takes on the tone of that performer’s real-life concerts. London moonwalks with a Michael Jackson wig, gets behind a piano to become Billy Joel, and sports a silver jump-suit and pompadour when he inhabits Elvis. A gorgeous group of showgirls helps him pull off his more elaborate production numbers with style and sizzle.

London also throws in a little comedy to the mix, gently parodying each superstar he impersonates while paying respectful homage to them as well. Fans of any of the stars he impersonates will be amused to see the fun spin that London takes with their favorite stars.

Impressions That Rock at The Riveria is one of the best Las Vegas impersonator/ tribute shows in town. The multi-talented London sings, dances, plays instruments, makes jokes and, most impressively, showcases his amazingly accurate impressions of the biggest stars of all time in a fun and energetic show that sure beats paying premium prices to see all of those big stars in concert separately.

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