Gordie Brown

The Gordie Brown Las Vegas show is one of the top celebrity impressionist shows in Sin City.

Gordie Brown
Gordie Brown at Hooters Las Vegas
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Gordie Brown

When looking for laughs, music and comedy, Gordie Brown puts them all together at Hooters. The talented Canadian-born entertainer is well rounded with roots in music, theater, comedy and more specifically, impressions.

Brown’s impressions offer a little something for everyone, as he mimics the likes of Jim Carrey, Elvis, Mike Tyson, Ted Koppel and Ozzy Osbourne. In fact, you’ll see and hear 40 to 60 impressions in each fast-paced show. You’ll get masterful impersonations and comedy (Brown considers himself a comedian first and foremost) backed up by a live band and a huge repertoire of material.

You’ll get Green Day and Tom Petty songs with improvised lyrics mixed in with Archie Bunker and Christopher Walken impressions. You’ll get silly ditties thrown in with comedic political insights. In short, you’ll get a lot of laughs and a great night of entertainment.

It’s not just audiences that like him; the critics love him too, as Brown has been praised by the local Vegas press as “Best New Performer”, “Entertainer of the Year”, “Best Show” and numerous other accolades.

The talented mimic will blow your mind with his spot on impressions of some of the most famous people in the world, he’ll amaze you with his ability to perform songs as the biggest names in music and he’ll keep you laughing with his hilarious and high energy presentation in this hugely entertaining show.

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