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The Gallagher Las Vegas Tropicana showcase a different side of the veteran comedian.

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Veteran comedy superstar Gallagher has been making audiences howl with laughter for more than four decades, and he’s always sold out theaters in Las Vegas. Now he’s returned to The Strip for a limited residency in The Laugh Factory at The Tropicana, showcasing a different side of himself in unpredictable and edgy nightly performances.

Over the course of his long career, Gallagher became famous enough to sell out major theaters all over the country and the world with his zany and off kilter brand of physical comedy. He became known for his patented “Sledge-o-Matic,” which he used to delight screaming audiences (who smartly covered themselves in plastic to protect themselves) by smashing pies, tubes of toothpaste, electronics, and, most famously, watermelons. The comedian became so well known for his physical antics that he appeared on all of the major network talk shows, filmed 14 highly rated comedy specials Showtime, and was ranked among the top 100 standup comics of all time by Comedy Central. Gallagher is still iconic enough after all these years that he was recently featured in a national GEICO ad.

While Gallagher is most known for his physical comedy, he’s switched things up a bit for his Tropicana residency, showing off his skills as an observational comic, taking on a wide range of topics. The veteran leaves audiences gasping as he throws political correctness out the window with his edgy take on social commentary, where no subject is off limits.

While Gallagher spent years smashing watermelons onstage, now he smashes taboos, taking on a diverse assortment of big and small subjects during his unpredictable sets at The Tropicana.

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