First Time in Vegas: Do’s and Don’ts


Ben Gutierrez
Tix4Tonight Team

We’re all bound to learn from our mistakes at one point or another, but why learn the hard way when you can have it so much easier and save some money in the process? I have firsthand experience of making every rookie mistake in the book on my first trip to Las Vegas… well, actually my first few trips. I’m going to help you out by filling you in on some of the Do’s & Don’ts for your first time in Vegas.

Getting Around Town

Don’t: Blow your budget on taxis. Sure they’re convenient and get you from Point A to Point B. But if you take taxi’s everywhere, you’ll spend a good chunk of your budget on transportation alone.

If you drive yourself, be careful where you park since most hotels have started charging for parking.

Do: Instead, use Lyft or Uber which will are generally half the price of a cab fare. There’s also the 24 hour city bus, the monorail and free trams.

If you are driving, make sure to park at hotels that haven’t started charging. As of this writing, you can take advantage of free parking at Tropicana, Planet Hollywood and Venetian. There are others that don’t charge to park and it pays to find them.

Taking in the Sights

Don’t: Walk til you drop! Vegas is breathtaking. Many visitors will take in the sights by walking the strip but they don’t realize how much walking it’ll actually take. From the MGM, Caesars Palace may look close but you’re looking at about a 20-30 minute walk.

Do: You can take in the sights perfectly by finding a bar or lounge with a great view. The Beer Park at Paris and Twin Peaks at Planet Hollywood are spots where you can relax, have a few drinks, and enjoy an excellent view.

Gamble Much?

Don’t: Expect to Win Big. It’s a great fantasy but we all know that luck generally doesn’t last. Don’t ruin your trip by coming to town planning to hit it big.

Do: Have fun. Gambling can be fun and you may experience some beginners luck (more fun!) but why not quit while you’re ahead? If you find yourself winning, I advise newcomers to cash out & move on. Instead of giving back your winnings, set a gambling budget and invest the rest of your hard earned cash into other forms of entertainment.

Make Every Minute Count

Don’t: Lose all track of time. You’ll probably be up late with Vegas being a 24 hour city and that’s great. But you don’t want to be so exhausted by the time you go to bed that you end up sleeping in and losing your morning and part of your afternoon.

Do: Make the most of your mornings. Planning ahead let’s you take advantage of every minute. Mornings are perfect for Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, or Red Rock Hiking tours. You won’t regret immersing yourself in the beautiful scenery surrounding Las Vegas.

Where are We Eating?

Don’t: Stick to your same old same old. There are all kinds of dining options here… more than most any other vacation destination. You may end up eating at places because they’re fast and familiar but don’t limit yourself to dining somewhere you can always get back home.

Do: Try something new! You’re on vacation in a truly unique city.  There are hundreds of delicious and popular restaurants all over the strip. There are plenty of high-end fine dining experiences in Las Vegas, but there are also many affordable options that offer discounts.

Trying to fit everything into one trip may be a little overwhelming, it would be a great idea to set an itinerary. You’re going to have a blast but keep in mind Las Vegas is constantly evolving, some places you experience this time around may not be here when you return. A new bar, restaurant, hotel or show could have popped up in its place since your last visit.

That’s part of what makes Vegas exciting each and every time you visit. I hope I’ve armed you with a few smart tips so you can make plenty of enjoyable memories on your first & future visits to our wonderful city.