Esteban Music from the Heart

Esteban Music from the Heart features the virtuosic classical guitarist mixing genres during his residency shows at The Westgate.

Esteban Music from the Heart

Esteban Music from the Heart

In Esteban: Music from the Heart, the world-renowned classical guitarist wows audiences at The LVH with a diverse set list where he showcases the full range of his uniquely virtuosic playing style.

The son of a blue collar steel worker in Pittsburgh, Esteban was given his stage-name by his mentor, the legendary guitarist Andres Segovia. After training with Segovia in Spain and the United States from 1974-1978 and earning his endorsement after years of master-classes, Esteban took his new name and artistic identity and launched an internationally acclaimed career that has lasted for decades and taken him all over the world.

When he began wearing his signature combination of a low-slung bolero hat and dark sunglasses during all of his performances, Esteban was singled out for both his musical skills and his charismatic stage presence. When he was invited to sell his albums, custom-guitars, and instructional videos on QVC and HSN, he became a star who charted on the Billboard Hot 200 list and raised his profile across the country.

Now Esteban has achieved another career milestone as a resident headliner in The LVH’s Shimmer Cabaret, the same building where Elvis once sold out hundreds of performances in the 1970’s. Esteban mixes musical genres effortlessly, playing the classical guitar tunes he learned from his mentor as well as pop, flamenco, rock, and Broadway show tunes with an unwavering skill and precision. He’s accompanied onstage by his beautiful and talented violinist daughter, Theresa Joy, who adds some visual flair to the show by dancing and making frequent costume changes.

Esteban is a skilled and dedicated guitarist who trained with one of the masters of the instrument, and he showcases his skill, passion, charisma, and love of the art form in Music From the Heart, his resident show at The LVH.

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