Eli Roth Goretorium

Eli Roth Goretorium will scare even the most seasoned horror fans as the shockingly intense vision from the visionary director has come to haunt The Las Vegas Strip year round.

Eli Roth Goretorium

Eli Roth Goretorium

Horror auteur Eli Roth brings his bloody vision to The Las Vegas Strip with Goretorium, an ambitious, gory, and terrifying haunted maze attraction that runs year round.

October is always a good month to enjoy a good scare at a haunt, in Las Vegas or anywhere else in the country. But Eli Roth’s Goretorium is the first haunt on The Strip that will run all year long, as the director ofHostel and Cabin Fever has set his sights on wowing horror fans by creating the “scariest, top of the line, most intense haunted house in the world.”

The Goretorium invites you to explore the mythical Delmont Hotel and Casino at the edge of The Strip, where legend has it that the sadistic and cannibalistic owners tortured and killed their guests before it was condemned and shuttered. Take a self-guided tour through the twisting, 15,000 square foot maze filled with gruesome sights and hair raising scares. Try not to scream too loudly as you encounter live actors dressed up in horrific makeup, terrifying animatronic beasts, and spine-tingling special effects created by Hollywood’s top talent.

At the end of your adrenaline pumping tour, you might need a drink to calm your nerves. Luckily for you, The Goretorium has its own bar, The Baby Doll Lounge. This macabre watering hole is a swinging sixties joint gone to rot, with a wall covered in creepy baby doll heads, zombie cage dancers who feed on flesh, and morbid signature cocktails. Hardcore horror fiends can even get married in The Goretorium’s blood-curdling wedding chapel.

Eli Roth set out to create the scariest, most intense haunted house attraction on the planet with his hair-raising, ambitious, $10 million dollar Goretorium. Do you have the guts to face his twisted vision and find out if he pulled it off?

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