Dr Scott Lewis

Audience participation is key in the Dr Scott Lewis Outrageous Comedy Hypnotist show.

Closed Show - Dr Scott Lewis

Dr Scott Lewis

This show has closed.

When the Dr. Scott Lewis Outrageous Comedy Hypnotist show relaxes you so much that you don’t care what’s going on, it can lead to very funny situations. Strong, silent men walk a catwalk like they’re Victoria’s Secret models, heavy metal fanatics find themselves playing an air oboe to classical music, and large groups of tourists join in a synchronized dance following the random and hilarious movements of a “magic doll.”

“There are two kinds of hypnotism,” Dr. Scott explains. Clinical hypnotism is used to help participants lose weight, quit smoking or achieve other noble goals. Then there’s entertainment hypnotism (also a noteworthy goal for people in need of a laugh), commonly found on many stages in Vegas.

But there is not much that is common about this show. This hypnotist tends to keep it clean, toning down the raunch factor, a rarity on Sin City stages. If other comedy hypnosis acts tend to make their volunteers simulate sexual maneuvers, the show keeps volunteers dancing or reacting to less dirty but equally awkward social situations.

Lewis is a licensed chiropractor who employs clinical hypnosis regularly to help his patients achieve their goals… and applies employs entertainment hypnosis to help his audiences achieve laughter during his hilarious performances at The Riviera.

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