Divas Las Vegas

Divas Las Vegas stars iconic female impersonator Frank Marino and a group of fabulous drag stars impersonating iconic superstars.

Divas Las Vegas
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Divas Las Vegas
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Divas Las Vegas

Frank Marino’s Divas Las Vegas is a glitzy and fabulous Las Vegas drag show starring a true Sin City icon. Frank Marino, female impersonator extraordinaire, starred in La Cage for 20 years at The Riviera and became a Vegas institution during the course of the show’s run. When La Cage closed after a wildly successful two decade run, Marino wasn’t about to step away from the Sin City spotlight, instead moving to The Linq for a new headlining show with the star’s name right in the title.

The show opens with a female impersonator performing an electrifying pop hit from an iconic female singer. After that, Marino, decked out in a glitzy gown, steps out as Joan Rivers to host the evening’s entertainment. Delivering an absolutely spot-on impression of the legendary comedienne, Marino keeps the show moving with salty humor and a sassy attitude befitting the description of “diva.” Marino emerges between each act with new and increasingly fabulous costumes, sporting sparkling gowns and feather boas.

Every act Marino brings out is a female impersonator riffing on an iconic diva, with drag versions of Cher, Madonna, Diana Ross, Beyonce and many more taking the stage. Performers lip synch and dance in perfect impressions of the iconic women who made them famous, taking on hits like “Circus” by Britney Spears, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) ” by Whitney Houston, and “New York New York” by Liza Minnelli. All of the performers drag-looks and dance moves are so convincing, you’ll almost forget it’s actually men playing the iconic divas and not the real stars onstage.

Divas is not only wildly entertaining and totally stimulating… but it’s become interactive! That’s right. During each show, can check out backstage action that streams via Facebook Live. So pull out your cell phone and connect with Frank Marino live in the dressing room where you’ll have the chance to choose the celebrity lineup. This all-new feature ensures that every performance is totally unique and completely fabulous.

Front and center of the whole show is Frank Marino, who inhabits the idea of a diva with witty jokes, a series of fabulous costumes, and sassy attitude to spare. After 30 years as a Las Vegas headliner where he performed more than 25,000 shows in front of 10 million people, Marino has become such a Las Vegas institution that Mayor Goodman recently declared February 1 “Frank Marino Day.” Marino’s cast of fabulous female impersonators inhabit the essence iconic divas expertly, but Marino has been performing in Vegas for so long that the star has become an iconic diva himself. The show is a glitzy, fun, energetic and fabulous night of Sin City entertainment, and it’s the perfect showcase for its legendary star(let).

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