Dirty Joke Show

The Dirty Joke Show Las Vegas in the King's Comedy Club at The Rio is a filthy and R-rated comedy show like no other.

Dirty Joke Show

Dirty Joke Show

The Dirty Joke Show in The King’s Comedy Club at The Rio Las Vegas is a one of a kind comedy show. Conceived as a hybrid between a play and a conventional standup performance, you’ll witness what it’s like when working comedians shoot the breeze and attempt to make each other laugh between standup sets. The show is a look behind the scenes at what comedians really talk about… and the extremely filthy and completely R-rated jokes they tell each other offstage.

The show is the brainchild of local comic star Geechy Guy, a standup veteran who set a world record by telling an astounding 676 jokes in one epic hour long performance and actually beat out future superstar Ray Romano on Star Search during one of his record ten appearances on the show.

Guy’s vision for the show is simple: the audience is given a rare glimpse behind the scenes as they witnessa group of standup comics hanging out between sets with an hour to kill beforethey have to go on again, trying to keep each other entertained and outdo each other with the dirtiest jokes they can think of. The fast paced and inspired filthiness of The Dirty Joke Show has given it a reputation as one of the most original and flat out hilarious shows in Sin City.

The set is designed to resemble the alleyway behind a comedy club, giving the show an intimate, lived in feel that makes the laughs come more naturally. The show has a naturalistic vibe that truly feels like you’re watching sharp people just hanging out… people who just happen to be exceptionally hilarious, witty and foul-mouthed comedic minds. Go backstage with the comics of The Dirty Joke Show for one of the funniest, most original, and flat out filthiest comedy shows in SinCity.

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