Dirk Arthur

Dirk Arthur Wild Magic is an intimate and exciting Las Vegas magic show that audiences of all ages can enjoy.

Closed Show - Dirk Arthur’s Wild Magic
FROM $27.80

Dirk Arthur’s Wild Magic

Please note that this show has closed.

Dirk Arthur’s Wild Magic has been creating illusions on the Vegas strip for decades. And in a town known for the latest thing, keeping the intrigue is a feat of magic unto itself. If you’ve never experienced before the spectacular and awesome tricks of Dirk Arthur, then be sure to be amazed by this legendary magician who will literally blow your mind and get you to wonder how he ever pulled off that trick!

Known for entertaining audiences with large-scale illusions, Dirk Arthur is considered by many to be a master magician. He conjures large machinery out of thin air. He makes objects that need pilots to maneuver…actually disappear. These are not the same old rabbit-out-of-the-hat-tricks but marvel worthy entertainment.

Be sure not to divert your eyes towards the gorgeous and stunning assistants, not even for a second. For you will surely miss the moment when belief is suspended and you will be left wondering, “how is the world was that even possible?”

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