David Goldrake Las Vegas

David Goldrake Las Vegas show Imaginarium is a masterpiece of grand illusions, mentalism and magic like no other.

David Goldrake Las Vegas
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David Goldrake Las Vegas

Imaginarium, David Goldrake’s Las Vegas show, is this extraordinary illusionists’ first residency in the entertainment capital of the world. Goldrake’s Imaginarium takes you on a transformational, fantastical and passionate journey that will defy your sense of possibilities and perceptions. It is beyond magic, it is a riveting ride of escapism that is sure to take your breath away.

Compelling and innovative, Goldrake is a master illusionist who delivers a show that’s been years in the making. He never fails to captivate audiences with his inspiring doses of surrealism that will challenge you to redefine reality while you are transported to a realm of fantasy.

Using incredible new technology that literally bends the laws of physics, audiences find themselves awakened to new worlds of possibility. Imaginarium is a show so expansive it must be experienced. Let your imagination soar through this riveting 75-minutes of pure breathtaking illusions.

An extraordinary creative ‘dream team’ is behind Goldrake. Imaginarium benefits from behind the scenes talent who have worked with greats such as Celine Dion, Cher, Barbara Streisand, David Copperfield, Lance Burton and Siegfried & Roy. Dare we say that Goldrake will be crowned the next in line of such Vegas royalty?

For this is no silly magic show but a touching performance that blends mentalism, escapism and illusion while exploring the themes of love, self-deception and time, no easy feat you might say. It’s a fascinatingly beautiful and moving show.

Heralded as a Master Magician, Goldrake has been called “The International Man of Mystery” and has performed for audiences all over the world. His work is purposeful and grand. Audiences simply adore him and you really can tell how much he loves to connect with them, especially as he speaks seven languages.

He cut his teeth early in his career with a longstanding run at the renowned Magic Castle in Hollywood, California and he didn’t stop there. He has gone on to perform in 10 countries and is the recipient of the prestigious ‘Mandrake d’Or’ award (commonly known as the Academy Award of the Magic world). More recently, the International Society of Magicians acknowledged him with the high honor of the Merlin Award for being the Best Illusionist in all of Europe.

Las Vegas, which has become the mecca of magic, provides the stage for the next generation of magicians who are now referred to as Ilusionists, and David Goldrake is taking his place amongst the stars. You can experience his cerebral magic as he transports you through time and space in this truly immersive experience that takes you into a dimension of dreams.

Imaginarium at the Tropicana introduces Goldrake to Vegas audiences to begin what we think, will be a legendary career in Las Vegas. Do yourself a favor and discover the magical beauty of Imaginarium – it is beyond the beyond. Just remember, we told you here first!