Da Vinci The Genius

Da Vinci The Genius at The Venetian immerses visitors into the world of one of history's greatest Renaissance Men.

Da Vinci The Genius

Da Vinci The Genius

Leonardo Da Vinci was the definition of the “Renaissance Man.” One of the world’s most famous painters (and creator of one of history’s most iconic images, The Mona Lisa), Da Vinci was also an inventor, sculptor, anatomist, engineer, architect, musician, and philosopher. Da Vinci- The Genius is a remarkable exhibition running through January 2013 at The Venetian that invites audiences to explore the imagination of one of humanity’s most fertile minds.

This interactive exhibit features 11 sections that show off the many aspects of Da Vinci’s unparalleled brilliance. Get up close and personal with 11 different machines based on Da Vinci’s designs and built by Italian artisans. These remarkable machines became the basis for technology we still use today, such as conceptual versions of what would become the bicycle, glider, helicopter, SCUBA suit, submarine, parachute, automobile, and even Military Tank, all of which are jaw-dropping illustrations of how far ahead of everyone Da Vinci was. and still is even today, in many ways.

The machines are only one aspect of the over 200 pieces on display in the exhibition. Marvel at stunning facsimiles of his most detailed codices, precise anatomical studies, incredibly detailed sketches of epic battles, and some of his famous paintings and sculptures from the Renaissance era. Get a fresh perspective on Da Vinci’s most famous works with high definition, 3D displays of The Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and other masterpieces.

Leonardo’s astoundingly inventive, creative, artistic, and philosophical mind comes to vivid life with the interactive and immersive exhibit Da Vinci- The Genius, running now through January at The Venetian.

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