Da Vinci Exhibition Las Vegas

The Da Vinci Exhibition Las Vegas at The Venetian is a tactile and interactive journey through the mind of history’s most famous renaissance man.

Closed Show - Da Vinci Exhibition

Da Vinci Exhibition

This show has closed.

The term “Renaissance Man” wasn’t invented specifically to describe Leonardo Da Vinci, but no person in history embodied the ideal more fully than the legendary Italian genius. Best known as the artist behind the Mona Lisa, he mastered painting, sculpture, engineering, music, math, and science, and was one of the most influential artists and thinkers of all time. The Venetian’s Da Vinci: The Exhibition is more than a passive museum exhibit… it’s a fully interactive experience that brings Da Vinci’s genius to tactile and vibrant life.

Like any good Da Vinci exhibition, some the master artist’s paintings, sculptures, and anatomical studies are on display. But unlike most Da Vinci exhibitions, this one encourages visitors to interact with many of the pieces, not just look at them from a distance. The exhibit features 65 rendered 3D models that bring his mechanical drawings to life as actual working machines and inventions for the first time. Guests are encouraged to interact with many of the ingenious machines, which gives them a more tactile experience than a drawing ever could… and proves how far ahead of his time Da Vinci was as an inventor and thinker.

Da Vinci embodied the idea of a “Renaissance Man” more fully than anyone who ever lived, and the interactive, tactile, and just plain fun exhibition at The Venetian that invites guests to push, pull, crank, and play with his greatest creations illustrates his genius in a more immediate fashion than ever before. Da Vinci the Exhibition is located in The Venetian’s Imagine Exhibition Gallery near the main lobby for a limited time.

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