Crazy Horse Las Vegas

Crazy Horse Las Vegas at The MGM Grand delivers avant-garde burlesque heavy on visual artistry and dance.

Closed Show - Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse

This show has closed.

MGM Grand’s Crazy Horse Paris will make you rethink your expectations for burlesque in Vegas. More than just a sexy show featuring some of the most beautiful women in the world, Crazy Horse is an artistic celebration of the beauty and sensuality of the female form.

MGM’s show has historically artistic foundations in France. The revue’s original creator, Alain Bernardin, had two fascinations in the 1950s—the cowboy movies and legends of America—and beautiful women. He found a way to celebrate both, opening Le Crazy Horse in 1951.

Bernardin envisioned a celebration of women and a story of sensuality told through colored light, reflection and dance. As Bernardin focused on his homage to women, he found different ways to tell it throughout the ages. The show grew from acts featuring one woman under a spotlight to larger, choreographed ensembles in kaleidoscopic color. And Le Crazy Horse’s shows reflected differing artistic styles through the later decades in this ever-evolving celebration.

MGM Grand strives to maintain Bernardin’s marriage of female forms and art, in what Bernardin calls “living pictures”. The MGM dancers hail from many parts of the world, but they were all trained at the original Le Crazy Horse where they learned l’art du nu (or the art of the nude) and later moved to Vegas to continue this avant-garde burlesque tradition.

All 12 dancers at MGM Grand’s Crazy Horse Paris nude show (technically, they are mostly nude) are classically trained in ballet and it turns out that trading in a pair of stilettos for point shoes evokes a suppleness of form as well as sensuality, that appeals to male and female audiences alike. This play of kaleidoscopic color on skin, and finessed movement on stage where beautiful women are the medium, the canvas and the film screen is a true Vegas winner.

A classy and artistic celebration of the sensuality and beauty of women, the sexy Crazy Horse Las Vegas burlesque show is a romantic experience that couples can enjoy together.

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