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Group was in session in the hilarious Comedy Therapy Show at The Royal

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Comedy Therapy

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Group therapy is in hilarious session as three time Pinnacle Award winning comedian and author Brad Tassell will make you laugh and look at your life in a more positive light with his show Comic Therapy at The Royal Resort in Las Vegas.

Tassell has been a working comic for two and a half decades who was the highest rated comedian performing on Carnival Cruise Lines a few years ago. Tassell is more than a talented comedian, he’s also an insightful and accomplished author whose book Don’t Feed the Bully is read by thousands of students every year. A graduated student working on his Masters in Counseling and Gifted Education, Tassell has used his unique skill set on television, radio and live stage appearances alongside such big names as Jay Leno, Tim Allen, ManCow, Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, and Jenny McCarthy on networks and radio stations like MTV, ESPN, Voice of America, and more.

Though Tassell is not an actual doctor, he’ll lead you and the rest of the audience in his Comic Therapy Show on a guffaw inducing group counseling session that both parodies the clichés of the format but also will make you reflect on your life and think about how to live a more positive existence.

Before the show starts, you’ll be invited to decorate a Thera-Cookie which will be analyzed at the end of the session. When Tassell emerges, he starts running the clock as if it were a real group therapy session… and he’ll even make a few funny announcements as if you and the rest of the audience have been taking sessions together for months. While the announcement are funny, they also prepare you for the real therapy techniques Tassell will employ throughout the show.

Tassell will spend the next hour interacting with you and the rest of the audience and working on developmental skills like Empathy Awareness, Ego Control, Music Therapy, and of course Thera-Cookie Analysis (where you’ll find out that how you decorated your cookie says a lot more about you as a person). The show will leave you feeling positive and introspective, but Tassell employs all his skills as a comedian so that you’ll be laughing so hard that you won’t realize you’ve also been growing as a person at the same time.

Brad Tassell is a multitalented veteran comedian, bestselling author and Conseling Masters Degree Candidate, and he puts all his skills to good use in his Comedy Therapy Show, which proves that laughter truly is the best therapy.

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