Cee Lo Green Las Vegas

The Cee Lo Green Las Vegas residency is a loving homage to Sin City’s most flamboyant headliner. CeeLo is Loberace in an over the top spectacle at Planet Hollywood.

Closed Show - Cee Lo

Cee Lo

This show has closed.

CeeLo Green is a completely creative, inventive, and flamboyant pop superstar who has seen and done it all over the course of his over two decade long career, and now he’s bringing it all together and embodying a new persona in his completely unique Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood. CeeLo takes the stage as Loberace, as he pays homage to Sin City’s most famously flamboyant headliner in an electrifying show that mixes hit songs from Green’s career and smoking covers from the history of pop music. CeeLo blends old school showbiz spectacle with cutting edge and forward thinking style in a show like no other that could have only been conceived by the one of a kind pop star.

Green takes the stage in full Loberace regalia, sporting costumes so elaborate that they would make even an over the top fashion icon such as the original Liberace jealous. CeeLo is backed by a spectacular set, amazing special effects, enormous video screens, gorgeous showgirls, and even a bit of mystifying stage magic that turns the production into one of the most over the top glam spectacles to ever hit a Las Vegas stage… and that’s really saying something in a town with a long history of over the top glam spectacles.

All of the visual razzle-dazzle would be meaningless if CeeLo didn’t bring it musically, but the singer proves why he’s had such a long and varied career by belting out soulful versions of his signature hits likeCrazy and Forget You and covers from some of his favorite artists like Prince, Blue Magic, and The Rolling Stones. Backed by a smoking band, CeeLo takes audiences on a rollicking ride through music history, performing MoTown, Disco, Rock n’ Roll, Funk, and New Wave, hits with confidence, skill, and charisma. An electrifying and unpredictable entertainment experience, CeeLo has set up the show so that it’s as much a dance party as a concert… so don’t be afraid to get on your feet and bust a few moves.

In CeeLo is Loberace at The Planet Hollywood Resort, the pop superstar has created that will go down in Las Vegas history as one of the most unique, flamboyant, electrifying, and over the top spectacles in Las Vegas history. Liberace would be proud.

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