Carl William Las Vegas

Carl William Las Vegas at The Clarion Hotel and Casino showcases the amazing vocal range of the Canadian performer as he pays tributeto some of the most legendary musicians of all time.

Closed Show - Carl William

Carl William

This show has closed.

Canadian singer Carl William brings his incredible vocal talents to his simple yet captivating show at The Clarion Hotel, One Voice… Music of Legends, where he pays tribute to some of the most popular recording artists of all time.

William has sold over a quarter million albums in his native country, and now he’s moved to Las Vegas to make it in America. The singer has an amazing four octave vocal range, and he will blow audiences away with his ability to hit all the notes perfectly ranging from rich and deep tones to soaring falsettos.

William performs his show backed by a small band onstage at The Wolf Theater at The Clarion with none of the smoke and mirrors that are par for the course in other Vegas productions, because his voice is enough of a spectacle unto itself. William takes audiences on a trip through pop music history as he sings classic cuts from old school masters like The Everly Brothers and Roy Orbison, Las Vegas mainstays like Tom Jones and Elvis Presley, and rock royalty like Queen, knocking Freddie Mercury style high notes out of the park as he belts out “Somebody to Love.” If that wasn’t enough, William even takes on Celine Dion in a fun and irreverent segment of the show and gives The Strip’s most popular diva a run for her money in the process.

William is a good natured and generous performer, and he uses his incredible vocal range and natural talent in his fun, intimate, and fast paced show, One Voice… Music of Legends, to take audiences on an unforgettable journey through pop music history at The Clarion Hotel and Casino.

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