Cameo Las Vegas

The Cameo Las Vegas residency showcases the iconic funk band in barn-burning concerts at The Westgate.

Closed Show - Cameo


This show has closed.

Classic funk, soul, R & B, and disco infused band Cameo formed in the 1970s and remain just as funky as ever in their residency show at The Westgate Las Vegas. Inspired by the soul groups of the 70’s but with a funky sound of their own, Cameo stood shoulder to shoulder with legendary peers such as Rick James, Bootsy Collins, Earth, Wind & Fire, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Isley Brothers, Marvin Gaye, Price, Isaac Hayes, Parliament-Funkadelic, and many others who they played with over the years.

Originally a 13 member group known as The New York City Players, the band switched their name to Cameo and began to build an audience throughout the 1980’s. They reached the heights of their popularity and fame in the middle of the decade, when their album Word Up! became such a smash hit that it transformed them into one of the most popular bands of the decade. With tracks like the Billboard Top 10 hit (and number one dance chart hit) “Word Up!” and “Candy” becoming nightclub staples, the album launched the band into the stratosphere and made them icons.

Now the band is back, playing smoking versions of their biggest hits on stage in their Las Vegas residency show at The Westgate. Still as lively and energetic as ever, Cameo thrills fans with barn-buring versions of hits like “Single Life,” “Keep It Hot,” “Back and Forth,” “Attack Me With Your Love,” “She’s Strange,” “Candy,” and of course “Word Up!,” fans won’t be  able to resist letting loose and getting  down with some dance moves inspired by the funky tunes (and non-fans will become instant converts).

Cameo was one of the biggest funk bands of all time, and their influential soul, R & B, and disco infused sound is just as catchy as ever in the band’s Las Vegas residency show at The Westgate.

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