Bodies Exhibit

The Bodies Exhibit lets audiences at The Luxor Las Vegas view the inner workings of the human body.

Bodies: The Exhibition
Bodies: The Exhibition
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Bodies: The Exhibition

Marvel at the spectacle of the amazing human body in the totally unique Bodies… The Exhibition at The Luxor in Las Vegas. Even though the art on display is created from the anatomy we all share, it’s an exhibit unlike anything you’ve ever seen that will make you look at the human body in a new light.

The exhibit employs an amazing process called Polymer Preservation which prevents human tissue decay and allows stunned audiences to view the inner workings of actual human bodies as they are dissected and displayed in ways that weren’t possible just a few short years ago.

You don’t have to be a doctor to get an up close and personal view of the inner anatomy of a human being these days. With organs exposed for the world to see and the bodies displayed in different poses, each visitor will learn a lot about their own anatomy while being delighted and educated at the same time. The inner workings of the human skeletal, muscular, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, urinary, circulatory and nervous systems are all revealed to the naked eye due to the amazing Polymer Preservation process.

We all share the same anatomy, yet Bodies… The Exhibition turns something common to all humans into a fascinating, must-see spectacle. You can experience the amazing exhibit at a healthy discount when you purchase your passes from a Tix4Tonight location on The Strip or in Downtown.

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