Blazin’ Paddles

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Treat yourself to one of the coolest adventures around town as you kayak down the Black Canyon of the Colorado River. You’ll see the natural beauty of Las Vegas, a rich array of scenery and wildlife that Nevada is proud of. Blazin’ Paddles is without a doubt a big favorite of locals, where you can choose a half day adventure or a full day trip. Plus, there’s a complimentary shuttle service, which will pick you up at your hotel and take you right to the launch site.

Blazin’ Paddles Kayak Tours are safely guided plus they use the top-notch, super-clean equipment. You’ll be gliding down in a Mercedes Splinter kayak which is known for being very comfortable and user–friendly, and the carbon fiber paddles are super light-weight. You are provided with pretty much everything you need including life jackets and gear so just come dressed to get a little wet. It’s an unbeatable price for such a stellar experience. In fact, since Blazin’ Paddles is known for their superior customer service and is the most highly rated kayak tour around town, you can relax and enjoy your adventure, knowing you’re in the most capable hands around.

For the half-day excursion, it’s a four-mile round-trip tour of the stunning Black Canyon. This is absolutely the coolest way to see the Hoover Dam from a totally different perspective than any boring roadside stop. And along the way as you ride down the Colorado River you might see Big Horn Sheep or even Bald Eagles.

The full-day adventure also takes you to the blazin’ 100 degree hot spring pools. Remember, you will have plenty opportunities to swim throughout the day so dress accordingly.

In fact, no matter which trip you choose, plan to get wonderfully wet during your trip. At the very least you’ve got to get into or out of your kayak, which means wading in knee-deep water. And since this is an adventure, not a ride, you’ll be in the, you know, actual waters of the Colorado River and have the opportunity to paddle, swim and splash your way through some of the most beautiful scenery. But the bottom line is this: the water is wet and you will want to dress accordingly.

We know, it’s not unusual to be nervous about kayaking the Colorado River. We get that. But the truth is you can relax because your guides are fully trained in CPR, river rescue & wilderness first-aid. Some say they are over-prepared. We think that’s just smart. Plus they keep on staff a Rescue 3 International swift water rescue technician so you know you are in the best hands possible. Their guides are super knowledgeable about the terrain and full-on into what they do, which just helps make it such a great way to spend the day. They know this terrain so well they’ll even point out historical artifacts along the river – they are outgoing, friendly and make the trip even that much better.

Blazin’ Paddles makes a point to hire the best guides that are super cool people, many of them are world travelers and All-American Athletes. You’ll love getting to know them as they guide you every inch through the river.

Speaking of the river, it’s super well paced with smooth waters – this part of the lower part of the Colorado River doesn’t have any rapids so it’s perfect for first timers or those looking for a relaxing yet adventurous way to enjoy the day. Then, at the end of the run, they guide you back to Willow Beach.

If you’ve never kayaked before and always wanted to try it- this is the perfect way to immerse yourself in a safe and sane adventure… with Blazin’ Paddles.


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