Bite Las Vegas

Bite Las Vegas at The Plaza is a sexy adult revue featuring topless vampires seducing the audience. Who needs mopey emo vampires when the beautiful Bite vampires are onstage?

Closed Show - Bite


This show has closed.

Vampires are hot right now, but none are hotter than the sexy topless undead vixens in the Bite show at The Plaza in Downtown Las Vegas. A unique adult revue that boasts an involving storyline, impressive visual effects, a crowd-pleasing soundtrack filled with over 40 classic rock n’ roll hits, and a sexily dangerous atmosphere, Bite is like no other show else in Sin City.

Unlike most adult revues, Bite envelopes you in an engaging narrative that incorporates Las Vegas history and legends into its story of sex and vampires. The master of ceremonies is L.V. Rock, an ageless immortal who secretly discovered, created, and maintains the city he loves, Las Vegas. L.V. Rock starts the show by introducing you to his sensual harem of vampire mistresses. These gorgeous female dancers perform in various states of undress as they seduce the audience with energetic dance numbers, slow ballet set-pieces, aerial acrobatics and unbelievably limber contortions.

But all is not right in the world of L.V. Rock’s kingdom, as the seductive pleasures of his Erotic Angels of Rock are no longer enough to satisfy him. The King Vampire of Las Vegas is searching for his soul-mate, the woman who will become his Queen of the Night for the rest of eternity. He vows to find her in the crowd and seduce her, bringing female volunteers onstage as candidates who become part of the performance, participating in the sensual action with the King and his Angels.

Bite is also unique in that it features an element of magic. Characters disappear offstage in the blink of an eye with the help of cutting edge special effects, while sexy vampires are lowered above the heads of the audience.

Bite is a Las Vegas adult show like no other, with an engaging narrative, spectacular special effects, an electrifying classic rock soundtrack, a dangerously erotic atmosphere and a group of sexy female vampires who will leave audiences mesmerized and thrilled.

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