Benihana Las Vegas

Benihana Las Vegas, with its exhibition style cooking on steaming hibachi tables,turns food preparation into a flashy show. Read on to get your Las Vegas restaurant coupons for Benihana

Benihana Las Vegas

Benihana Las Vegas

Benihana is one of the most entertaining and popular Japanese restaurant chains in the world, famous for their exhibition-style dining in which skilled chefs prepare food to order right in front of you on hibachi tables. The chefs are skilled in more than just food preparation; they’re also gifted entertainers who turn cooking into a show, filled with flipping knives, leaping flames, and quick witted banter.

Every location of the chain is filled with fun and flair, but of course the Las Vegas location ups the ante in terms of presentation, with a Japanese garden, a flowing indoor pond, Japanese statues, a Torri Arch and soothing sound effects of gentle rain.

When you sit down at your Hibachi table, you can still order all the restaurant’s signature dishes, including delicious Japanese offerings such as sushi, hibachi steak, lobster tail, filet mignon, teriyaki steak and king salmon. Every dinner order comes with fresh mushrooms, onions, zucchini, Hibachi shrimp, Japanese onion soup, salad with ginger dressing, steamed rice and green tea. But it’s not just the food that will impress you… it’s the presentation.

A chef will join you and your group and prepare your meal right there on your Hibachi table. If you’ve never been to the restaurant, you’re in for a treat. The chefs turn food preparation into performance art, complete with leaping flames, flipping knives and fun chatter that will make you appreciate the art that goes into making the food. This is a restaurant where you get a perfect show to compliment your perfect meal.

The restaurant always delivers a good time, whether you’re on a first date or enjoying a night out with your entire family. And the Vegas location is even more fun, with beautiful Japanese themed decor that will transport you across the world.

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