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Anthony Cools

Anthony Cools headlines the longest running hypnosis show in Las Vegas at Harrah's, and the key to his longevity will become crystal clear when you experience his raw and uncensored, adult comedy show where volunteers from the audience are mesmerized to forget their inhibitions and perform outrageous live acts on stage.

If you like a little naughtiness mixed in with your entertainment (and why wouldn't you, this is Sin City after all), this risque' hypnosis show may be the perfect fit. The reason Cools has been described as "bad boy of hypnosis" and Playboy Magazine dubbed him the "world's rudest hypnotist" becomes apparent when he makes hypnotized volunteers do outlandish things like experience handshakes that induce sexual responses, believe that they're veteran phone sex operators, audition for adult films from their seats, and suddenly forget the existence of the number two (which creates hilarious situations when they need to count their own body parts).

Each performance has an endless variety of potential material built into it, and Cools takes pride in creating a different experience with each show. He spontaneously improvises the direction each performance will go on the fly as he interacts with his willing participants/ future victims and reacts to the energy of the crowd. The host's high energy personality, wicked sense of humor, two decades of show business experience, and natural ability to improvise keep things moving, but the real stars are the volunteers succumbing to suggestion, who transform into different people at Cools' command.

The show runs at a 200 seat venue at The Paris custom-designed to maximize intimacy and audience participation, where Anthony Cools invites you to sit back and enjoy the naughty shenanigans of the hypnotized volunteers... or to get on stage and become a mesmerized instant star yourself. But be warned... if you do raise your hand and get selected to succumb to the suggestive powers of Cools, your friends will have some stories to tell you about all of the embarrassing and outrageous things you did in front of a packed theater.

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Anthony Cools

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Location: Paris Las Vegas

Anthony Cools in Las Vegas


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